Rarekor Brightplate

A kind hearted Guardian dwarf with a determination to protect his friends

Strength: 16(+2)
Dexterity: 8 (-1)
Constitution: 15 (+1)
Intelligence: 9 (+0)
Charisma: 13 (+1)
Damage Amor HP
1d10 25

Alignment: Good

Suffer or endure hardship so that someone else does not have to.

Race: Dwarf

Choose a specific type of foe, such as demons, goblin-kin, dragon-kin, or undead. When you enter battle with your chosen foe, you burn with righteous anger.

“Demons are to be my foe!”


Starting Moves

I’ll Be There For You
When you make a promise to protect someone, they become your ward. You may only
have one ward at a time. When you* Defend your ward*, you get the following benefits:
• You take +1 armor forward
• If you get a 6- on your Defend roll, treat it as a 7-9 instead
• Add the following option to Defend: “Give your ward an opportunity to escape a
dangerous situation

Payback Time
Choose two things that make you burn with righteous anger when you encounter them:
• Violence to children, animals, and the innocent
• Threats to your loved ones

When you burn with righteous anger, hold 3 Payback. When you act on your anger,
spend a Payback to:
• Act despite pain, fear, or doubt
• Act suddenly and with conviction, catching your foe off-guard
• Add +1d6 damage and the forceful tag to your next attack
• Stand fast, keeping your position, stance, and course despite what befalls you
• Throw off the effects of being stunned, confused, or enchanted

When there are no threats to you or your ward in sight, lose all of your held Payback.

Make a Stand
When you call out someone’s villainous actions and demand they stand down,
*On a 10+, they choose one:
• Cease what they are doing and back off
• Focus their attention on you and attack, and you take +1 forward against them

*On a 7-9, they can choose either of the above, or:
• Dissemble, stall, make excuses, defer to another, or argue the point


This is the story of a brave kid with a heart as strong as stone

Rarekor grew up on a dwarven citadel under Mount of the Ancestors. When he was just a kid, his sister and him were playing on the streets when an eruption caused the whole place to shake, and it broke the street where both of them played, sinking them down into lost dwarven catacombs.

Rarekor and his sister ventured the twisted passages of the creepy place, while being hunted down by underground predators known as the Chelicerae. They were at a disadvantage, being only kids without combat experience and against cunning arachnids who could use magic and knew their lair very well. Through his strength, he kept his sister safe until they were split and she was taken away by them.

Rarekor pursued the Chelicerae for hours, until he reached the nest, where his sister was being held as a snack. Knowing he couldn’t win this by strength alone, he deviced a plan to attract the Chelicerae to a place where he could bring the roof down by striking old, musty pillars with a huge rock. He almost lost his live to the falling debris and the fierce predators, but survived to grab his sister and find a way out.

His brave deed made the mighty Guardians of the kingdom interested, and they brought him in as an apprentice.

As most dwarves he is both stubborn and resolute, but lacks the rash attitude towards other races that is so common to others of his kind. He is very kind and brave, putting his life on the line even for strangers; quick to make friends, he is usually ignorant towards the negative attitudes of others, which makes him easy to betray.

Rarekor Brightplate

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